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Gas cylinder production process

2022-06-27 11:21:52

Gas cylinder production process

1. Blanking of the inner and outer cylinders - rolling of the inner and outer cylinders - longitudinal seam welding of the inner and outer cylinders - flaw detection of the longitudinal seams of the inner cylinder.

2. Welding of inner tank head group - pair of inner tank head group - inner tank circumferential seam welding - inner tank circumferential seam flaw detection - inner tank pressure test - inner tank helium leak detection - inner tank flame baking and wiping - inner tank winding.

3. Outer head polishing—outer head assembly welding—outer cylinder flame baking and wiping—inner and outer gallbladder winding—bottle outer circumferential seam welding—bottle body interlayer leak detection—vacuum pumping equipment—bottle body polishing—valve group welding— Liquid nitrogen cold test - static evaporation rate.