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Design of LNG Vehicle Cylinder

2022-06-27 11:21:52

Design of LNG Vehicle Cylinder

The LNG vehicle-mounted gas cylinder adopts a horizontal double-cylinder structure, and the maximum allowable volume of the inner tank is 0.9 times the nominal volume; the composition of the inner tank does not exceed 3 parts at most, that is, one longitudinal seam and two circumferential seams are used. Structure.

The hydraulic test pressure is 2 times the working pressure, the air pressure test pressure is 1.8 times the working pressure, the opening pressure of the safety valve is 1.1-1.2 times the working pressure, and the bursting pressure of the bursting disc is not more than 2 times the working pressure.

Safety performance test: After the LNG vehicle-mounted gas cylinder is produced, it must pass a series of safety performance tests, including vibration test, the fire test, drop test, etc.