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How to choose an LNG cylinder?

2022-02-01 15:45:23

How to choose an LNG cylinder?

In the era of clean transportation energy, more and more users have chosen the effect of converting natural gas into combustible CNG gas. As the "energy cabin" of heavy trucks-Lng induction gas cylinders and LNG heavy trucks, what do we need to know?


LNG cylinder is the most important part of an LNG heavy truck. The quality of the gas cylinder affects the direct economy, safety, and simple economy of the heavy truck.

Four points must be paid attention to when choosing LNG cylinders:economy, usability, maintainability and safety

Economy: large volume, longer endurance, sufficient fuel for long-distance transportation, reduce loss and endurance anxiety.

Usability: frame design and management design is more solid and reliable, less weight, more loading capacity. The average cylinder life is longer.

Maintainability: fewer valve accessories. Reduce more shackle points and reduce maintenance costs.

Safety: the vehicle is more stable to turn, has high controllability, lightweight vehicle quality, better braking performance. More secure.