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H2 vehicle supply system auyang

2022-10-26 17:10:15

H2 vehicle supply system auyang

H2 vehicle supply system

AUYAN mainly focuses on the two application routes of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen and liquid hydrogen, carries out R&D layout from various links such as hydrogen production, hydrogen liquefaction, hydrogen storage and transportation and the construction of hydrogen refueling station, and builds an intelligent chemical plant from a high starting point to lead the construction of hydrogen energy application ecosystem.



1. High safety: The hydraulic burst pressure of the gas cylinder is above 110MPa, far exceeding the requirements of the national standard (≥78.75MPa).

2. Long life: The gas cylinder has excellent anti-fatigue performance, and the number of pressure cycles at room temperature is more than 20,000 times.

3. More economical: the weight is reduced by 20-40%, the cost is reduced by 15-35%, and the service life is longer.

4. More advanced: Subvert the existing gas cylinders and meet the future technical needs of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.