Integrated Euipment Hydrogen Reaction H2 Gas Hydrogen Production

AUYAN Group has the ability to provide comprehensive solutions for the whole process in the hydrogen application links such as production-sale-delivery-filling-application.


Electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment is a technology that uses the process of electrolysis to generate hydrogen gas. This method involves passing an electric current through water, which separates it into its two constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen produced is high-purity and can be used for a range of applications, including fuel cell vehicles, power generation, and industrial processes. One of the key advantages of this technology is its sustainability, as it relies on water and electricity instead of fossil fuels. Additionally, the equipment is scalable, meaning it can be used for both small and large-scale production. It is also relatively easy to operate and has low maintenance costs, making it an attractive option for companies looking to generate hydrogen on-site. Overall, electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment offers a clean, efficient, and reliable method for generating hydrogen that has the potential to play a significant role in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Integrated Euipment Hydrogen Reaction H2 Gas Hydrogen Production Integrated Euipment Hydrogen Reaction H2 Gas Hydrogen Production

Alkaline water electrolysis
 hydrogen production equipment
0-1000 Nm³/h
0-500 Nm³/h
99.999% (99.8% purity of the
 cell outlet)
DC power
3.9-4.4 kWh/Nm³
 water conductivity
≤1 mS/m
 water consumption
900 L/h
1.6 MPa
 ambient temperature
≤4 g/m3 (outlet of
 gas temperature
30 years
 conversion efficiency
> 65%


AUYAN Production Alkaline electrolysis water hydrogen production device for photovoltaic power plants, chemical plants, integrated hydrogen production and refueling stations, power plants, and laboratories.

Product advantages:

AUYAN's water electrolysis hydrogen production products have filled many gaps in domestic alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production technology with its unique 7 breakthrough patented technologies. They have reduced energy consumption, improved electrolysis efficiency, enhanced safety protection, and extended equipment use. Nine major innovative breakthroughs have been made in aspects such as lifespan. Compared with traditional water electrolysis, the cost of hydrogen production is 20% lower, the system life is increased by 30%, the cold start time is saved by 50%, and the safety protection is far superior to similar products.

The main problems affecting the service life of hydrogen production equipment are the shedding of cathode catalyst, the degradation of anode performance, and the decline of the hydrophilic and gas-repellent performance of the diaphragm. AUYAN's hydrogen production equipment has a unique life and durability strategy.
1. Avoid Cathode Catalyst Falling Off
"Pre-spraying technology" patent, the mechanical adhesion of Raney nickel on the surface of the nickel mesh is more reliable, and the service life is better guaranteed
2. Avoid anode performance degradation
Anode edge sealing adopts a "plate electrode" design to avoid local rapid oxidation deterioration and life decay of anode
3. Avoid the degradation of the hydrophilic and air-repellent properties of the separator
While the surface layer of the diaphragm itself is hydrophilically modified, an additional hydrophilic modification layer is introduced, so that the hydrophilic and air-repellent effect is strengthened inside and outside, and the overall hydrophilic and air-repellent performance of the diaphragm is lasting and stable.