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AUYAN Hydrogen Supply System Customer Service Training Notes

2022-10-26 17:10:15

AUYAN Hydrogen Supply System Customer Service Training Notes

With the increasing pressure of global carbon reduction, my country's hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have entered the stage of large-scale commercial demonstration. Hydrogen heavy trucks and electric heavy trucks have become two important technical routes for the parallel development of major car companies.

Since 2017, AUYAN Technology has been forward-looking in the layout of the hydrogen energy industry, and has built an integrated ecosystem of "manufacturing-storage-transportation-refueing-application" green power and green hydrogen application full-scenario solutions. Major domestic vehicle manufacturers have achieved close cooperation.

Recently, our technicians have conducted pre-sale and after-sale training for the vehicle-mounted hydrogen supply system for the Xiamen Kinglong Hydrogen Heavy Truck Project. In order to provide customers with high-quality service training, the company set up a professional project team to conduct research.

In addition to the routine product technology training, this training is also about how to cooperate with the development and changes of the national new energy technology route, and how to master the basic principles, technical points, safety knowledge, policy trends, and application of the industry in the batch trial operation of hydrogen fuel heavy trucks. Various aspects that need to be paid attention to in the scene and service are explained.

At the operation site, our technicians carry bottle valves, pressure-reducing valves, hydrogen refueling ports, and other physical objects to conduct on-site practical training for King Long after-sales personnel, and carry out systematic demonstrations combined with on-site prototype vehicles to explain customers' doubts about the spot. Xiamen Jinlong staff spoke highly of our products and professional capabilities and looked forward to in-depth cooperation with our company.

In the future, AUYAN will intensify technological innovation, stand at the forefront of hydrogen energy development, give full play to its advantages in the hydrogen energy industry chain, and tailor solutions for hydrogen energy application scenarios for customers with different needs. With refined management, high-standard safety requirements and personalized customized services, we have won customer recognition with our products and established market reputation with our services.